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SHP Media (formerly Syed Hussain Publications), or better known as SHP in the publishing industry in Asia, is a successful and well-established publisher of regional trade magazines designed for Asian business leaders and professionals in various fields, including Defence, Water, Paper, and Timber. The flagship publication, Asian Defence Journal (ADJ) has been published by SHP since 1970.

SHP delivers detailed information and analysis through its stable of industry-specific publications. Business and industry professionals need knowledge about their industries, and companies selling to business and industry want to communicate with these audiences through our magazines.

Towards this end, since 1970, SHP has been enabling these connections in the niche business-to-business markets. SHP succeeds because it keeps its feet firmly rooted in Asia and promotes the development and growth of the industries it serves.

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You are invited to explore the potential of SHP’s trade publications and see how publishing expertise can deliver your company’s message to the right audience.


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